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Food & Drink
Cantonese Cuisine (Guangdong Cuisine)
14/09/2010 03:09:42    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 795

Cantonese Cuisine (Guangdong Cuisine)

Tasting clear, light, crisp and fresh, Guangdong cuisine, familiar to Westerners, usually chooses raptors and beasts to produce originative dishes. Its basic cooking techniques include roasting, stir-frying, sauteing, deep-frying, braising, stewing and steaming. Among them Steaming and stir-frying are more commonly applied to preserve the natural flavor. Guangdong chefs also pay much attention to the artistic presentation of dishes.

This is southern Chinese cooking-lots of steaming, boiling and stir-frying. It"s the best of the bunch if you"re worried about cholesterol, as it uses the least amount of oil. It"s lightly cooked and not as highly spiced as the other three, with lots of seafood, vegetables, roast pork, chicken, steamed fish and fried rice.

Dim sum is a snack-like variation, served for breakfast and lunch (but never dinner) and consisting of all sorts of little delicacies served from pushcarts wheeled around the restaurant floor. It"s justifiably famous and something you should experience at least once, but like many visitors you"ll probably get addicted.

The Cantonese are famous for making just about anything palatable: specialties are abalone, dried squid, 1000-year eggs, shark"s fin soup, snake soup and dog stew.

Typical Courses: Shark"s Fin Soup; Steamed Sea Bass; Roasted Piglet

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