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Food & Drink
5 steps to prepare a cup of Teh Kuan Yin
04/05/2010 08:36:46    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 677

5 steps to prepare a cup of Teh Kuan Yin.

 1. Prepare all tea utensils including a kettle of boiling water, stove, scoop, tea scraper, teapot, pitcher, tea receptacle and tea cups, etc.

2. Pour hot water onto the tea brewer to raise its temperature. This is beneficial for tea brewing. 

 3. Evenly place suitable amount of Teh Kuan Yin into the tea brewer. Pour in hot water. Pour off all the brewed liquor and use it to warm the tea cups.

4. Cover the Teh Kuan Yin with measured amount of hot water for the first infusion. Steep the tea for thirty seconds to one minute. Remember to note the time because over steeping will cause the tea to be bitter. 

 5. Pour the tea into the pitcher and transfer an equal share of hot tea from the pitcher into all the cups up to 4/5 full.

6. Now you can enjoy a cup of sweet and mellow Teh Kuan Yin.

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