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Food & Drink
Green Teas
04/05/2010 07:37:50    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 727

Green    Teas     

 Green teas are made from typically smaller leaves. Undergoing a minimum of processing, they are also referred to as non-oxidized teas. The leaves are first spread out on cool cement floors or rattan racks and allowed to wilt for a few hours. The leaves are then heated to remove much of their moisture and to stop the the oxidation process. After another chance to rest for a while, the leaves are finally dried until only 3% moisture remains. Green teas have long been enjoyed for their health-giving qualities as well as their unique and often subtle flavor. Interestingly, the aroma and taste can be quite different from one another. The color of the liquor can range from a bright jade green to a pale yellow and is best when drunk without any additions

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