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Food & Drink
Taiwan flavors
26/10/2009 08:00:40    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 702

Taiwan flavors

WHILE most mainland residents芒鈧?impressions of Taiwan start with an article about Sun Moon Lake, most of our impressions of Taiwan food come from Taiwan-based China Entertainment TV. Hosts hop from one street to another on a gastronomic treasure hunt looking for clues on pieces of paper eventually leading to a food vendor.

Taiwan dishes include stir-fried finely minced 芒鈧損ounding pork,芒鈧?fried vermicelli with prawns, vegetable sandwich, shrimp and pork bun, tea-flavored goose, snail soup and seafood pancake.

One outstanding dish, 芒鈧揷offin plank,芒鈧?is finely deep-fried toast filled with seafood salad. It芒鈧劉s crisp outside and fresh and juicy inside. 芒鈧揅offin芒鈧?may sound inauspicious but for the Taiwanese, coffin symbolizes wealth and power.

Mainland people give 芒鈧渃offin plank芒鈧?another name 芒鈧?gold brick. First, we cut bread into chunks, then remove the inside bread and deep-fry the remaining part. Later we fill the fried bread with seafood salad and it芒鈧劉s ready to serve.芒鈧?

A highly recommended appetizer is the vegetable sandwich 芒鈧?tomato and Mexican chili slices between poached eggplant pieces. The dish tastes spicy but fresh.


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