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Food & Drink
Pu-Er Tea
07/09/2009 08:12:17    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 671

Pu-Er is completely fermented tea, the only kind of teas that improves with age much like a fine wine. It is a collectable tea. Many Pu-Er tea collectors in Asia treat it as an investment.
Royal Symbol 2008 Royal Puer Tea is the first-class Puer tea and it"s from the Forbidden City which was the most popular tea in royalty in feudalist society. The royal members had bestowed favor on this kind of Puer tea. It became very popular in royalty from Ming Dynasty (1368~1644 A.D.). Just like what the last emperor of Qing Dynasty said:"Puer  tea is the noble symbol of royal members."

Medical Effects
Puer  tea has a lot of medical effects. Chinese medicine has long revered the healing powers of this tea and used it as a "herb" for a long time. The modern medicine proves that Puer  tea was able to isolate and restrain cancer cell growing. Puer  tea is teeming with a plenty of healthy microbes, vitamin and aminophenol. It can help lowering blood lipid and loosing weight.

Puer  tea is good at promote metabolism resulting in slowing aging down and prolonging your life. Puer  tea also nourishes and protects stomach, diminishes inflammation and does well to your teeth.

Noble Packing
From the picture, you can see the beautiful outer noble packing. The box-packing makes it noble and provides inside Puer  with a good storage conditions. Also, 2008 Royal Tea has a small independent pack like a bird nest helping make it easy to drink.


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