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Food & Drink
Chinese Top Soup
06/06/2009 07:16:15    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 722


Chinese are famous for their cuisine. Chinese are the ultimate gourmet. Especially in south China, they would say they"d eat everything that has four legs besides the dinner table, everything that has two wings besides a plane. Many of the dishes served in China may really surprise newcomers.

And many of these dishes are so called medicinal dishes believed to have extraordinary nutritional value, including Shark Fin, Swallow Nest. Swearing off shark fin may not sound like much to Westerners, but here in China, this most expensive delicacy has a long and honorable history. Emperors loved shark fin soup because it was rare, tasty and difficult to prepare. The soup is served at wedding banquets by families eager to show appreciation to their guests. And Hong Kong and Beijing government officials not to mention thousands of businessmen hoping to close the next big deal swear they absolutely have to treat their guests to shark fin soup as a show of respect and honor.

Swallow Nest
Very good to female, especially for the whom breast-feeding.

Snake soup is among the most treasured soups in China. Then there are also snake gall and blood mixed in liquor which supposedly will brighten your eyes. Some "westernized" Chinese would suggest that if Adam and Eve had been Chinese we humans would still be in the Garden of Eden as they would have eaten the snake.

The snake meat tasted like chicken, and the soup tasted like sharks fin soup.  The associated feelings after eating snake soup is feeling HOT actually.. also feeling high for some reason.really relaxed and slightly high. They say you should eat snake soup in winter because it keeps you warm.. and it"s true!

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