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Food & Drink
Characteristics of Chinese Medicated Diet
31/05/2009 14:47:54    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 579


1. Laying stress on the whole, selecting medicated diet on the basis of differential diagnosis

By the principle of "laying stress on the whole, selecting medicated diet on the basis of differential diagnosis", we mean that when prescribing medicated diet, we should first make an overall analysis of the patient"s physical and health condition, the nature of his illness, the season he got ill and the geographical condition, etc., form a judgment on the type of syndrome, and then decide on corresponding principles for dietetic therapy and select suitable medicated diet. Take a patient with chronic gastritis for example, he should take Galangal and Cyperus gruel if the suffering is from chronic gastritis of stomach-cold type.

2. Suitable both for prevention and treatment, and outstanding in effect

Medicated diet can be used either to treat diseases or for healthy people to build up their health and prevent diseases. This is one of the characteristics in which medicated diet is different from treatment by medicine. Although medicated diet is something mild, it has a notable effect on the prevention and cure of diseases, health building-up and preserving. Here are some of the achievements in scientific research of Shandong Traditional Chinese Medicine College:

Eight-Ingredient Food: It is prepared according to the experience of ancient dietetic treatment and health care of imperial court in the Qing Dynasty from eight dietetic Chinese drugs including Chinese yam, lotus seeds, and hawthorn fruit. 97% of the children who took it for 30 days have whetted their appetite, and their growth has improved too.

Nourishing Extract of Laiyang Pear and mushroom: It is made from the juice of Laiyang Pear and extract of mushrooms and tremella. If the middle-aged and senile patients suffering from chronic diseases take it, not only can the symptoms of their illness be alleviated, but also their blood-fat can be brought down when they are suffering from hyperlipaemia, and their immunologic function can be improved.

3. Good in taste, convenient for taking

There goes the saying "Good medicine tastes bitter" among the people, because most of the decoction of Chinese drugs are bitter. Some people, especially children, take an aversion to the bitterness of Chinese drugs and refuse to take them. Most of the drugs used in medicated diet are both edible and medicinal, and retain the features of food: color, sweet-smelling, flavor, and so on. Even if containing Chinese herbs, their nature and flavor are taken into consideration and made into tasty medicated diet by mixing them with food and careful cooking. So it can be said that medicated diet is good in taste and convenient for taking.

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