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Massage Therapy for Mentiere
21/10/2008 10:15:41    Author : ANDY    Browse : 869

  • Study Illustration above to familliarize yourself with the acupuncture points to be massaged.

  • When you are not having an attack of Meniere"s syndrome, you may massage the acupuncture points yourself in the order listed above. The " Key points" tongziliao , taiyang, shangguan and ermen should be massaged half as many times again as the other points. Use either the idex or middle finger to rub the "key points" and the yintang point, while using both fingers to rub the other points. Keep your eyes half shut and fists half clenched while extending the forefingers and /or middle fingers to rub the points slowly in a clockwise direction (Illus .2) Concentrate on the rubbing movements, which should be slow and just firm enough to produce the desired effect without causing discomfort. To conclude the exercise, use forefingers or middle fingers to stroke face lightly, starting from tongzijiao and proceeding to taiyang, shangguan and erman. Repeat this several times. When you open your eyes, you will feel refreshed and comfortable.

  • When suffering from Menier"s syndrome, the same method may also be applied. In this case, first, massage the " key points", especially tongziliao and taiyang. If you are too ill to manage it yourself, someboyd else may do it for you, paying attention to rubbing the right points and applying the appropriate strength while rubbing.
  • To achieve better results , begin the massage at the first sign of illness. In more severe cases, take a sedative in the meantime.

    Although the causes of Meniere"s syndrome are still not known, it affects most people after memtal or physical strain. It stands to reason, therfore, that positive results can be achieved by massaging the acupuncture points described above since such treatment stimulates blood circulation and can aid in relieving tension in the cerebrum. Still better results can be obtained if this method is supplemented by proper massage of the head, eyes and ears. As a preventive measure, one should take a proper amount physical exercises and get sufficient rest every day.

  • Eye Exercises

    According to traditional Chinese medicine, massaging certain acupuncture points on the face and the nape of the neck helps to improve the functioning of blood vessels and nerves and relieves strain on the eye muscles. A set of exercises based on this theory has been worked out and is widely practised among schoolchildren in China. Regular practice of these exercises has proved effective in improving eyesight and preventing or alleiating near-sightedness.

    Exercise 1. Close eyes, place thumbs on the jingming points, squeeze and press towards the bridge of the nose (8 counts, 4 times).
    Exercise 2. Press taiyang points with thrumbs and using the side of the second section of index fingers, massage the upper and lower parts of the sockets, beginning witht the upper part (4 counts). Then massage the taiyang point with thumb (4 counts). (Altogether 8 counts, 4 times.)
    Exercise 3. Massage the sibai points disectly below the sockets with index fingers (8 counts, 4 times).
    Exercise 4. With index and middle fingers massage the fengchi points (8 counts, 4 times)
    exercise 5. Hold fingers together and place them on the sides of the nose. "Wash face" by moving fingers up to the forehead, round the temples and down the thecks (8 counts, 4 times).

    Points to Remember:

    1. Hands should be clean and fingernails clipped.
    2. Do not do the exercises if there are boils or sores on the hands or face, nor if the eyes are injured or inflamed.
    3. Concentrate when doing the exercises. Be sure you are massaging the correct points. The movements should be slow and gentle. Increase the pressure until you feel a bit sore.
    4. It is better to do the exercises after reading or writing. Doing them once or twice every day will bring good results.
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