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Wuqin Xi
21/10/2008 01:44:43    Author : ANDY    Browse : 968

Wuqin Xi is a qigong practice imitating animal movements and manners with disease prevention, medical treatment and vitality promotion as the major functions. Qin means beast and generally referred to animals in ancient times. Xi referred to activities such as acrobatics in ancient times and refers hereby specifically to special movements. Wuqin Xi is also known as the Five-animal Exercise or Wuqin Qigong.

It is China"s East Han Dynasty famous physician Hua Tuo under guidance of five kinds of imitation beast - tigers, deer, bears, apes, birds move with the body"s movement characteristics created. It is a bionic exercise. Regular exercising of Wuqin Xi can dredge the main and collateral channels, regulate Qi and blood, nourish the viscera and strengthen muscle and bones sooth joint activities, and thus achieves the purpose of disease prevention and life prolonging. According to records, Hua told his disciples Pu Wu said: "I have an operation, were Wuqinxi: First of all tigers, deer the second, third is the bear, Siyue apes, Wuyue birds, also in addition to the disabled, and Lee Foot to the guidance, there are displeased, for a bird from the opera, Yi and sweat, in connection with the powder, body and Yushi Light. " Hua earnestly practice Wuqinxi health, such as the Road, when nearly 100-year-old body still robust. His disciples Wu Pu, Fan Ali, both of which follow the TING enjoy HUANG TSE.

Wuqinxi requirements intended to defend, fixed-income and for harmonization with. Italy can observe the spirit of quiet, static can nurture God True Qi; income can be transferred to gas-tune passages; dynamic shape can be strong physique, Lee joint. Tiger drama, drama deer, bears show, ape show, a bird show (also known as the crane drama) although each of the five exercises and focus, but as a whole, there is a system of exercises.

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