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Qigong and Health
21/10/2008 01:18:50    Author : ANDY    Browse : 667
Qigong is a traditional Chinese health maintenance exercise, considered by Kungfu practitioners as a way of breath managing and mind regulating as well as a necessary part of Kungfu practicing. igong has a long history in China. In ancient times, qigong-related content was normally called inhaling and exhaling, energy guiding, qi flowing and qi managing etc.  

Qigong is also a key component of Chinese Kungfu. Chinese Kungfu can be divided into two categories. One is external style that is characterized by fast and explosive movements and a focus on physical strength and agility, such as Shaolin Boxing and Wudang Swordplay. The other is internal style that focuses on strengthening body health. The internal style Kungfu mainly refers to qigong, which is a mind and body exercise aimed at disease preventing and curing, life prolonging and potential developing through regulating the mind, breath and the body. 

Qigong exercise can produce a myriad of beneficial effects, of which the most common are preventing and curing diseases, strengthening the constitution, avoiding premature aging, and prolonging life. Qigong exercise requires one to relax, to be calm, natural and free from distractions, so that it can remove "stress," and dispel tension. Qigong exercise helps to keep the main and collateral channels in good shape to establish harmony between vital energy and blood, to balance between Yin and Yang, and improve coordination of the nervous system, so that protective inhibition of the cerebral cortex can be enhance. Qigong exercise helps to reduce fundamental metabolism, increase the capacity of storing energy, apply massage to the abdomen and improve appetite and brings good digestion. Qigong exercise helps to tap the body potentialities, stimulate positive factors, and enhance one"s self-control. Therefore, it becomes an effective measure to attain health and longevity. Qigong masters and medical practitioners have developed a theory from a wealth of experience and practice of Qigong over many centuries.
Qigong has become an integral part of the Chinese culture. For foreigners, qigong may be a mysterious thing. Actually, it is something based on traditional Chinese medicine theory which holds that diseases are a result of the loss of balance in the body. The reason that qigong is capable of curing diseases and maintaining body health is because it is an exercise in which the cerebral cortex regulates internal organs through breathing movements to make the body function well.

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