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Qigong Martial Arts
20/10/2008 20:16:43    Author : ANDY    Browse : 725
The word of "QiGong" comes from modern time. In the ancient time, Qi Gong was called ¡隆茫guidance, sitting-meditation, inhale and exhale, etc. Early 2000 years ago,there was the theory of Qigong in << The Theory of Morals>> ¡隆茫Internal Gongfu is together with the universe, controlling Yin Yang, all the spirits are concentrated and single, all the muscles is like one." Then the most famous Chinese medicine doctor who lived in San Guo (220-265), created "Wu Qin Xi" which is regarded as the earliest, systemic and scientific ¡®Guiding Technique¡隆脌 according to the life style and movements¡¯ characteristics of ¡隆茫bear, tiger, deer, ape, bird¡® and the theory of Chinese medicine.
QiGong is generally divided into two kinds, for example, Gong Improving health, the key function is to improve health and heal the illness; Combating Gong which is developed from ¡隆茫Gong Improving Health¡¯, the main function is to increase the hitting strength. The following are two kinds of Qigong techniques: Jing Gong (for example, standing and sitting-meditation); Dong Gong (for example, walking standing, guiding technique and using power), all the techniques are coordinated together closely. Jing Gong is to accumulate the power, and Dong Gong is to use power.
Qi in Kung Fu mainly includes Yuan qi( namely qi gotten from the mother when a person is born); Ying qi (from the daily food; the natural Qi ( from the nature) which is the most important one. Qi is gotten and go down to DanTian (Guanyuan point beneath the navel of body) in a scientific way, and the Qi on martial arts is gotten through continuousincreasing and purifying. When you feel Dan Tai hot and sound during the practice, the real qi can be guided by the consciousness and circulate in Du mai (on the back of body, the part from Hui Yin point, going upward and passing Ming Men point, Big Zhui point, Yu Zhen point, Bai Hui point to Ren Zhong point) and Ren mai (the part from Ren Zhong Point, passing Chan Zhong point, to Dantian). One circle (circulating from Du Mai to Ren Mai) is called Zhou Tian Gong on Kung Fu. Then you can get thefunction of breaking through Zhou Tian and points, massaging internal organs, making the blood and energy sufficient, making tendon and bone strong , increasing the hitting strength, resisting against a punch and a strike, and prolonging one¡¯s life. There is a saying in Chinese medicine, ¡隆茫If it is painful, it is not through; if it is through, it is not painful.¡隆脌 
The content of Qigong martial arts theory is abundant, and there are different requirements in different period. The basic equipments: relax entirely, straight the upper body, sink shoulder and elbow, contract chest, down hip, control mind (get rid of distraction) , regulate breath (from natural breath to even, light and slow and long breath), regulate body (keep body coordinated naturally).
As long as you are a person who works hard and has lofty morals ( it is easier for the people who have a broad breadth of mind to come to the condition), everyone can obtain the effectiveness of improving health and healing illness if practicing Qigong in a scientific way and instructed by good guiding thought.

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