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Taiji Quan (Shadow Boxing)
20/10/2008 18:21:57    Author : ANDY    Browse : 697

Taiji Quan (Shadow Boxing), which can be used to self-defense and improve the corporeity and prevent and cure the illness, is a kind of traditional Chinese boxing with gentle and slow actions. It has a long history with various schools and wide popularity.
Taiji Quan originated from the late Ming Dynasty of China (about 400 years ago). Chen Wangting, a villager of Chenjiagou village, created a new kind of Chinese boxing based on the integration of the ancestral boxing, the essence of the excellent folk boxing types and the Chinese medicine meridians, so it is called "Taiji Quan". The so-called "taiji" mainly refers to yin and yang. The conflicting and interdependent relations between the yin and yang are the general rules in the material world. Yin and yang are used to illustrate the contrasting qualities of all things in the world. Taiji is a philosophical thought unique to China. Taiji Boxing (or Taiji Quan) is based on the inter-complementary relations between yin and yang of the human body.

Taiji Quan is a kind of martial art to make people strong and healthy; it is not used to attack people. The actions of the Taiji Quan are gentle, slow, coherent and flexible, and it can dredge the main and collateral channels, regulate Qi and blood, nourish the viscera and strengthen muscle and bones. Nowadays, Taiji Quan has become one kind of sports especially for old people.
Taiji Quan is also popular among the foreign countries. There are Taiji Quan activities in Europe, America, Southeast Asian, Japan, and etc. Many countries have established societies such as Taiji Quan Association to carry on communication activities with China. As a unique Chinese sport, Taiji Quan has aroused interest and love of many foreign friends.

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