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Shaolin Temple
20/10/2008 18:03:43    Author : ANDY    Browse : 776
Shaolin Temple is china"s famous temple. It is located at the foot of Shaoshi Mountain and got its name from its location. Shaolin Temple has a reputation for its Shaolin Gongfu and Zen Buddhism, which is the main attraction of the scenery spot. Shaolin Temple was built for Indian monk Patuo in 495, or 19 of the Yaihe year in the Northern Wei Dynasty by Xiaowen Emperor .
Shaolin was built against the hills. In the period of its great prosperity, seven buildings lined the central line of the temple, but in the war among warlords in the period of Kuomingtang, some main buildings were burnt by Shisanyou, including the Hall of Heavenly King, the Abbot"s room and the Hall for preaching the Buddhist doctrines and the Bell Tower and many precious Buddhist sutras pugilism charts were destroyed as well. In the late 20th century, Shaolin Temple was rebuilt to the old system.
Tower Forest is where the monks were buried. The one in Shaolin Temple is the biggest in China, 232 all together. It is of great value in the study of Buddhism scriptures, buildings and Zen Buddhism. Besides, some other famous places include the Buddhist Convent, built in memory of Damo Buddhist meditating facing the wall; Damo Cave and the Sweet Dew Tower, where Batuo ,the founder for the Shaolin Temple, translated the sutras.
In addition to the visit to the historic buildings, Shaolin would give performance of Shaolin gongfu, which will broaden your outlook and let you have a taste of the charm of Shaolin martial arts.
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